1985: Johnny B. Goode

Marty CoverChuck Berry has nothing on Marty McFly, I don’t care what year it is. As seen from the historically accurate documentary, Back to the Future, Marty McFly’s accidental encounter with The Starlighters proved to be something of fate; fate that would usher into the world a brash new sound pioneered by the smash single, Johnny B. Goode.

Marty McFly and The Starlighters conduct an orchestra of loud and fast rock n’ roll not seen or heard at the time of this song’s inaugural performance at the now famous, Enchantment Under the Sea Dance at Hill Valley High (this dance is often misnamed as the Fish Under the Sea Dance). At times, it’s as though The Starlighters are struggling to keep up with the fury from Mr. McFly’s guitar, but any loose playing by the dapper gents gives credence to the uncontrolled, live sound from this electrifying song.

Rumor has it that this song is originally a tale about Marty McFly himself, and that it was originally titled, Marty B. Goode. Some rare demo recordings of Marty B. Goode are reported to exist but I’ve yet to find anything online.

Every stale musical trend has an album, or a song that shuts the door on the style of modern day music, and launches the world into the inevitable next chapter. Marty McFly and The Starlighters turn that page of music history with the song, Johnny B. Goode, and they do it in jaw-dropping style.

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