Miles and Miles of Decisions aka Help Me Make a Decision

So I’m contemplating, debating really, about discontinuing my Vinyl Me, Please subscription. For a few reasons, really, but mainly because my personal wantlist is so vast and varied, I feel the $30 / month price tag can be better suited on other, needed releases. That being said, I just received Miles Davis’ 1967 Sorcerer last night, this month’s Vinyl Me, Please release, and I instantly fell in love with the minimalist art by Santiago Carrasquilla (an art print and drink pairing come with each month’s record, for those of you unfamiliar with VMP). The debate to stay a subscriber was predominantly one-sided, until I saw this print. Most exceedingly frame-worthy, this print is single-handedly forcing another thoughtful evaluation of this monthly service. To be continued, I suppose…

Wells Fargo

FargoI’m not often one to advocate for an unnecessary, payable service… unless when it’s wholeheartedly worthwhile. Such is the case with Vinyl Me, Please, the monthly record club of extraordinary proportions. This month’s chosen selection is Zimbabwe‘s own, Wells Fargo… a “heavy” rock collective from the early 1970’s, or so I can immediately gather. Honestly, I can’t wait to dive into this record, which is just another supportive indication that I made the right decision to join this noteworthy club. Cheers.