The Egg

sourceI don’t know much (if anything) about Main Source, this month’s selection via Vinyl Me, Please, but I’m intrigued by the egg-like vinyl pattern. Originally released in 1991, Breaking Atoms appears to be Main Source’s debut album. When exploring new acts, I prefer (as I assume many, if not all of you do) to start at the beginning. Eagerly anticipating unscrambling this salty spin, for sure.

That Time Vinyl Me, Please Made Right

pandaSo, quick story. I’m a member of Vinyl Me, Please, and outstanding record-a-month club that you should most certainly check out if you aren’t already a member. Well, last month’s double LP was Panda Bear’s Person Pitch, and instead of getting disc 1 and disc 2, what one would assume, I got 2x disc 1s. It actually took me a song to realize when I put the 2nd record on the platter. Anyway, I took a photo of my bastardized album, send it to Vinyl Me, Please, and in less than a week I received a brand new, fully functional double LP of Person Pitch, this time with correct discs. Vinyl Me, Please made right, and I’d like people to know that.

So the photo. The photo is the art print that came with Panda Bear’s Person Pitch (one comes with every month’s release, as does a pairing cocktail catered to that month’s specific album… it’s pretty damn cool). I’m not sure if there is a name of the print, but it’s original artwork by Mi Ju. Give respect where respect is due, kids.


A “Round” of Drinks on the Groove

ZNot only do I need to start taking photos that are much more level, I need to start mixing these luscious cocktails from the Vinyl Me, Please releases. They boast themselves as the best damn record club on the market, and they’re certainly not wrong. We here just need to utilize their many spoils. If you’re pondering a club where everybody knows your name, consider Vinyl Me, Please. It’s not shitty, and that’s a good thing.

Vinyl Me, Insert

vinylMeInsertOk, so I may not love this insert simply because it’s reminiscent of inserts 50 years its junior, although that helps, but what really stands out is its simplistic, yet effective layout, not to mention its frame worthy design. This modern takes on vintage art, recently discovered last night, is just one of the things that makes this shameless collector secretly grin.