Doh Nuts

LikeA gorgeous Christmas gift from the SO, this 2x gift cert from Donut Friend (Mark Trombino’s Los Angeles-based sweet-house… the drummer of Drive Like Jehu, k’mon), will afford this here guy a delicious “Chocolate from the Crypt” and a “Drive Like Jelly.” A proper post to follow, post-donut-consumption, but all are happy campers here at the PG with this amazing, sugar-laced gift cert.

(Also, happy friggin’ new-friggin’ year!!!)Button

Oh, Loverboy

loverboyEverybody’s working for the weekend. This couldn’t be anywhere closer to the truth. This, and truth, are skin to skin here… touching… connecting, and letting onlookers know, that what is right, is indeed right. Everybody IS working for the weekend. That’s when we can get all our shit done. Haircuts? Oil changes? Taking the kids to get their throats cultured? Everybody works for the proverbial weekend, and for me, that weekend starts tomorrow. Happy holidays, kiddos! Christmas, for The Groove, begins tomorrow.

The Pink Album

PinkSo, I’m still trying to figure out The 45 King. Mix Dan the Automator, J-Swift, Jam Master Jay, and DJ Muggs into a violent apparatus that spins (turntable, blender, woodchipper), yet, predate all of these by at least a year, and you’ve got yourselves one heavy weighted, out-mutha-fuggin-standing collection of offhanded, subtly pleasing breakbeats. I’m dumbfounded! I honestly never know, but now, I’m on the hunt for the King’s entire Lost Breakbeat discography.

(Personal note: I’m digitizing this album as I type this. PG = fan of 45 King)

The Yellow Album

Tuff_CityImagine my surprise upon discovering 45 King’s The Yellow Album, at a thrift store, sealed, and for only $3 bucks! $3 for a thrift store album is asinine, but this one was well worth the 300 pennies. Bronx DJ and remix producer (among other things well produced), Mark James, aka The 45 King, released six colored albums throughout 1990 in The Lost Breakbeats series; White, Grey, Green, Red, Orange, and this, Yellow. Having not heard of Mr. 45 King’s work prior to forking over my $3, I was both excited with this album’s overall quality, and dumbfounded that I’d never heard of this guy, or this album before. If you’re into quality hip-hop beats from back in the day (circa: late 80s, early 90s), then The Yellow Album is pure listening satisfaction.

Country Death Song

hallowed ground… is an amazing tale of simpleminded, cold-winter-sickness, enveloped within a nightmare of rural, solemn depression, and disguised as a folk-pop song from the great state of Wisconsin (phew… I’m getting too old for the run-on sentence). Arguably the Violent Femmes’ best, most well-rounded track, Country Death Song depicts the extravagant path, a 1000mph highway drive straight past the gnarly gates of hell, and tells the tale of a one-way ticket of blameful sorrow for a troubled father and his shameful, selfless, fatherly actions. Is it a good song? Ye-ah! Is it a happy song? Nope! Merry Christmas eve, kiddos!



ThriftiesAn unexpected find during an unexpected trip to the thrifty on my way home from the office, Cypress Hill’s 1991 debut and a sealed, bootleg, double LP of the Beastie Boys’ Hip Hop Sampler comp were a surprise upon these weary eyes, to say the very least. Having already owned copies of each (two-times over, in the case of Cypress Hill), I didn’t once hesitate to question the overpriced $3 Records sign above the frail shelf. Yoink, and yoink.

Gotta’ love the thrifties. Also, RIP Joe Cocker.

Don’t Play This Side

No_PlaySo reads the b-side label to this single-sided 10” from pop-punk favorites, NOFX. A compilation of obscure 80s hardcore songs, 2011’s NOFX (the album, not the band) was released on (this, single-sided) 10”, 7”, and 12” picture disc formats. If you know them, you love them. If you’re in the dark, you’ll likely remain there, as this is not music for the masses.

Fat Limited Edition Vinyl

Caddies“I don’t know that I’ve ever listened to this!” He said aloud to an empty, shade-drawn room. Consentual Selections, the 2010 comp, a “collection of EP tracks from 1987 to 2009,” caught my eye earlier today. Limited to only 300 on blue and yellow colored vinyl, and only 1000 overall, this comp pressing makes for one of the more rare, and obscure in the Caddies’ library.

Having absolutely nothing to do with anything, please be on the lookout for James Booker’s The Lost Paramount Tapes. Look it up…

“Look, Man! I’m Ain’t Fallin’ for No Banana in my Tailpipe!”

AxelWhere would members of the court, and high majesty be without the jester… the ushered in, and ushered out comedians to provoke wine-spilling punch lines of the grotesque nature? Likely, they’d be suffocating within a bubble of discomfort and self-loathing. Let’s take today, this 19th of December, and celebrate those who have made us laugh: Mothers, fathers, great aunts, gone, but not forgotten grandparents, and yes, Mr. Eddie Murphy. Richard Pryor he is not, but damn if this man is not a needed commodity, every groovy-once-in-a-while.

Between Vitaphone and Video

Swing_EraTime Life Records kept its swingin’ stride with 1970’s The Swing Era: The Music of 1936-1936, a three LP compilation of Jazz / Swing ensembles from the mid-1930’s. The label’s second of 14+ in The Swing Era series, this gem comes complete with a 72-page, fully historical and entertaining, photo-filled booklet. The Swing Era: The Music of 1936-1937 features a bunch of Benny Goodman, some Red Norvo, a bit of Bob Crosby, a dash of Chick Webb, and a healthy dose of Tommy Dorsey.

I doubt I’ll ever read all 936 pages (72x 13 box sets… I’m missing a few), but the music is choice far beyond passable comprehension.Swing_Loot

Direct from Canada

Decide_NowReleased in January of ’73, this, featured copy of Artificial Paradise, The Guess Who’s 10th studio album, is, unfortunately, missing the cool, direct-mail-mimicking paper sleeve. I only just found out about this jacket’s existence by researching the album for this very post. Apparently, this tongue-in-cheek approach didn’t help sales for the Canadian pop-rock band, and this album, complete with exterior sleeve, was a frequent find throughout brick and mortars will into the 1980s (remember, it was released in 1973).

As for the music, if you ask me, one can’t go wrong with any The Guess Who, but that’s just, like, my humble opinion, man.

Ocean Rain

Ocean_RainIt’s pouring here in The City of Angeles, and this comes as both a welcoming escape from the lingering summer, and a cloud-covered agricultural blessing (we needed the rain).

I’ll admit, that my knowledge of Liverpool’s Echo & the Bunnymen is that of an infant… an infant that has yet learned the art of speech. Although I picked today’s album in an attempt to reflect the current storm, listening to it now, Ocean Rain is a collection of pretty spot-on lullabies for under-umbrella adventures and puddle-jumping lollygagging, and pretty standard pop-fare for 1984.