Ocean Rain

Ocean_RainIt’s pouring here in The City of Angeles, and this comes as both a welcoming escape from the lingering summer, and a cloud-covered agricultural blessing (we needed the rain).

I’ll admit, that my knowledge of Liverpool’s Echo & the Bunnymen is that of an infant… an infant that has yet learned the art of speech. Although I picked today’s album in an attempt to reflect the current storm, listening to it now, Ocean Rain is a collection of pretty spot-on lullabies for under-umbrella adventures and puddle-jumping lollygagging, and pretty standard pop-fare for 1984.

In Ping Pong Percussion

HawaiiI’ve never been an avid Ping Ponger. I don’t play the drums, and for that matter, I’ve never been to Hawaii. So, as you can easily imagine, finding an album that features all of these elements was something of an interesting tool… gently spooning the cantaloupe of my curiosity melon.

For reasons I can’t even begin to understand, Lukleani and His Islanders performing 12 Hawaiian themed tracks reminds me of the music from Carol Reed’s The Third Man. One of these days I’m going to write about Anton Karas’ fascinating work in the film I just mentioned, but today is not that day. Today, instead of the dimly lit, and anger-kissed streets of Vienna, I close my eyes and allow the swaying waves of a sun-soaked paradise to take me away.

Hawaii in Ping Pong Percussion is perfect mood music for anyone who, if only in his or her minds, would like to return to the majestic island in the Pacific. If you’re like me and you’ve never been, this album does an intoxicating job of painting a beautiful picture of “what if?” Even if you don’t play Ping Pong…