The Time Will Sweep Us Sinners By, By, By

There’s just something, a sense of freedom perhaps that comes with the final spin from the last side of a record from the “have to listen to” pile. I’ve been longing for Revco, Motor, The Clash, you name it for close to a year. Sure, these “rules” are self-imposed, and upheld with militant strictness, but the power that comes with the flexibility to spin whatever you want vs. what you NEED to listen to is something that has been lost as of late. (I blame no one but myself, and maybe Hardwick.) Sandinista! by The Clash is a jem of a sleeper, and I’d (almost) forgotten how funk overpowered punk on this epic, three LP release. Usually when I spin this album, which is typically a three week excursion, and this usually happens right before bedtime, I’ll lock onto side two of record one, perhaps two, maybe three times. Gimme ‘dem Clash! You d’wan get ‘it!

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