(Annoying the Neighbors) One 7″ at a Time

Dug into the 7″ records last night and shoveled out a few of the greats. Starting with Diesel Boy’s Strap on Seven Inch, followed by Drive Like Jehu’s Bullet Train to Vegas, we then weaseled our way through Nation of Ulysses (Nation of Ulysses and The Birth of Ulysses Aesthetic), then on to Beastie Boys’ Polly Wog Stew, and finally concluding with Can We Be Mature? by The Dismemberment Plan. It was an interesting evening, to say the least. Can’t wait to do it again.

When the 45s Make an Appearance

The 45s made a rare, yet loud appearance last night. With heroes generally living within the O to T range, it was fleeting fun to reremember what 7″ records we’d accumulated over the years. The great thing about not having a good short term memory is that you get to rediscover old things from time to time. Hurray for my previous, record collecting self! Nicely done on that White Riot 45.

Don’t Drop the Baby

BabyDropIt’s certainly not often that one’s favorite band, once considered obsolete (mainly due to the final, RIP concert one attended some 10 years back), releases a new track, then limits said song to a 440 7″ pressing only available at a recent Denver, CO show. As a Los Angeleon, I was excited to hear said news, but very worrisome of the avenue with which to obtain it. Thank you Discogs and your reasonably priced sellers. More Rocket, yeah, that’ll do.Etch

KKFC (Meow)

KittyI vaguely remember ordering this… let alone two copies, but I’m a bit intrigued to spin this Kitty Kat Fan Club 7″. Pressed 300 times on purple, and 200 times on red, this Asian Man records release (AM311) arrived in our mailbox last evening, or at least, that’s when I retrieved it. Regardless, I’ll leave you to your evening, or very early morning, and spin these playful ditties and enjoy some (several) glasses of whiskey. 4.5 stars out of 5.

Check, and Mate

ChessA recent acquisition from the inquisitive mind of my fiance, this 7″ from Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey. Some may say that years have not been kind to the almost unrecognizable Roger Daltrey, but man-oh-man is this 7″ a rockin’ good time?! One shouldn’t figure otherwise from the the prestigious Chess label, I mean, let’s be honest. And further along that truth train, I was a bit skeptical about this guy. Boy, man, and superman, was I wrong?! I’ve just added this team’s full length LP to my wantlist in Discogs, if anyone is interested…

Super Ride 45

SuperRideBootleg 7″ records aren’t necessarily my thing… or the thing of my friends… or the thing of my friends’ friends… but brand any 45 with “Rocket from the Crypt,” and this casual collector starts hunting for shoe boxes for premium record storage. Super Ride 45 is the most recent addition to the family collection, but also serves as another solemn victory in the obtainable Rocket from the Crypt discography. Happy Thursday, for what it was.

Presley Ain’t Shit

Elv11994 was owned, operated, provided, and unconditionally loved, by Rocket from the Crypt. As I begin my solemn and uphill quest towards the “complete” RFTC discography (those in the know laugh hysterically), I stop to calmly admire these serene milestones along the majestic and jaded path. Burn Mouth Off Liar with Punk Heat Blast, aka UFO UFO UFO… this 1994 7” acts as another notch in the RFTC belt, and is a worthy addition to the collection, if only filling the void of Elvis-sized proportions.