Daptone Records struck gold with The Budos Band. I, of course, have no Earthly idea in regards to their record sales, but I can honestly say that, up to my introduction to this collective onslaught (I believe it was 2010’s The Budos Band III, but I could be mistaken), I’d not heard any 12-piece sound this destructive, or this groove-heavy in any of my near four decades of aimless wandering. I’ve said this before, and somewhat recently, that one Budos is just as good, and to be honest, a bit similar, to the next, but when you’re into a good groove, you’re going to want to hold on tight to everything within arm’s reach. The Budos Band is exactly what was needed, when we didn’t even know we’d been searching. Presented here is 2007’s, The Budos Band II (7.6 review rating on Pitchfork).

RIP Charles Bradley

Daptone Records released this two-track 7″ on random colored vinyl last month. It features Mr. Charles Bradley & The Inversions performing Whatcha Doing (To Me), b/w just The Inversions performing Strike Three. Some yahoo is selling this 7″ on Discogs for $74.99, and it was just released some 12 days ago. Some people… am I right?! Regardless, RIP Charles Bradley.

Complete Budos

BudosAll hail a complete discography! Save for the 7 inches, that is. Paying full price these days for a new record is something of a scarcity among my close-knit community, but when it comes to The Budos band and their shadowy brand of afro-funk, price is no object. So far The Budos Band (their first) gets the most spins, but The Budos Band III is not too far behind. For deep, dirty, diabolical grooves, one could argue, it doesn’t get much better than The Budos Band.