Don’t Drop the Baby

BabyDropIt’s certainly not often that one’s favorite band, once considered obsolete (mainly due to the final, RIP concert one attended some 10 years back), releases a new track, then limits said song to a 440 7″ pressing only available at a recent Denver, CO show. As a Los Angeleon, I was excited to hear said news, but very worrisome of the avenue with which to obtain it. Thank you Discogs and your reasonably priced sellers. More Rocket, yeah, that’ll do.Etch

The Familiar Bridge

BridgeAll this time, I thought Mr. Garfunkel wrote Bridge Over Troubled Water, but apparently, it was Mr. Simon. Perhaps it was Mr. Garfunk’s singing that threw me off, but none-the-less, I learned a bit of music history today in prep for this post. S&G’s last, and most prolific single continues to linger in the lore of pop-classic-rock-radio euphoria, and it’s only been something like, 46 years…

Monday Night Blues

NanBetween rain delays and episodes of Murder She Wrote, I was able to get through a few records this weekend. One of which was this Record Story Day release by bay area misfits NOFX titled, Sid & Nancy. With some sources claiming a limited run of 1000 copies, and others saying 750, I felt it wise to enlist / convince a buddy to nab an additional copy. The music is run of the mill NOFX (and that’s a good thing), but the vinyl presentation is brilliant. Full disclosure here, I forgot to take a photo for today’s post, and was stuck with attempting to salvage whatever random record related photo I had on my phone… hence the birth, and by tomorrow, the ultimate death of this post. When your reminders go off, don’t ignore them…

Dave Davies Hits

Dave2Death of a Clown received an outstanding rerelease on this Dave Davies Hits 7″ for 2016’s Record Store Day. One of three Kinks releases, Dave Davies Hits also contains the personal fav, Susannah’s Still Alive. I, of course, say this with all due respect, but thankfully, Dave’s personal career didn’t take off in 1968. Village Green, Lola, Arthur, and Muswell were all to follow, and I for one can’t imagine what they would have been without master Dave on the 6-string.

Pigs Will Pay

PigsThis comical insert to Propagandhi’s 7″ from Fat Wreck Chords once hung prominently on my bedroom wall some 18 years ago (yes, I’m that old). Now, it rests, tucked away inside the rarely played 7″ which is filed inside a shoe box on the office room floor. I can’t look at this and not think of innocent times nearly two decades ago. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

(With Black Curtains)

CurtainsIt’s been a while since I ran across a worthy bootleg. Up for grabs is this “unofficial” 7″ from roughly 1996 (the band’s hay day), oddly titled In the White Room (With Black Curtains), because it has absolutely nothing to do with the Cream song, as far as I can tell. What this fool does offer, however, is three, concrete-solid live renditions of Scream Dracula Scream tracks from some British outfit proclaiming Rocket as Hell’s house band. As fitting as it is hilarious, In the White Room is a decent glimpse into overseas admiration, and deserves a home under the roof of any proper garage rock enthusiast.

Tell William it’s Over(ture)

WilliamTell(Orangely) Clocking in at roughly 12 minutes, Arturo Toscanini’s interpretation of Gioachino Rossini’s infamous William Tell Overture can easily be downsized onto two, 45rpm records, as with this RCA Victor release from 1949. Now 67 years old, this double red vinyl box set is the perfect “quick fix” vehicle for long, dusty rides with the Lone Ranger, or eye-spying a quick romp with Alex and a few candy-sucking ladies he coerced from the local brick and mortar. Originally premiering in 1829 (!), William Tell has seen many, many iterations, and has dipped its toes in everything from children’s cartoons to ultra-violent, X-rated masterpieces. Surely one of those (mini) overtures prudent of a proper spin on a random Wednesday.

Pro-Analog, Anti-Government


Haven’t listened to it yet, but the latest addition to the virus of a collection is the 1992 split from Rocket from the Crypt and Dead Bolt titled, Smells Like Grease for Peace. One more record to check off the RFTC checklist, and one more that wasn’t gobbled up by the strict and deviant void that is the United States Postal Service. Still waiting on my Time Hardin and Rocket 45s, you rat-bastards!

Yippee Kai, Motown Records!

BruceDo you know what time it is? Don’t look at your clock, or if you’re one of those book-reading types, don’t look at the sun, this is a rhetorical question here. What time is it?! It’s Fun Time, dammit! And what’s better than Fun Time when it’s performed by the great and almighty Bruce Willis? Well, there’s actually quite a bit better than the great and almighty Bruce Willis performing Fun Time, but we’ll ignore that for now.

Motown Records released this Respect Yourself 45 in 1986, and with it, its b-side, Fun Time which, as you may know, was a full two years before John McClane saved Nakatomi Plaza from a terrorist overthrow… don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten! Anywho, enjoy your Thursday with a little Bruce and keep those pesky terrorist at bay. Yippee kai, Motown Records!

The Gift of Bis

BISThe gift of Bis (apparently) comes from seemingly every avenue of social media. The story goes like this… I’d acquired a sealed LP of Bis’ 1997 debut, The New Transistor Heroes, from the now defunct Grand Royal Records, and for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss, I never opened it. Fast forward to a few days ago when I’m trolling Instagram and someone whom I follow posts a recent record purchase of a used copy of said Bis album, and expressed how happy they were about the bonus 7” within.

45Cut to me dropping my phone onto the floor and rushing to the “B” section of the library, where I carefully knife open the 17-year-old virgin record and discover the sly 7”.

A good day for discovering a record I’d already owned.

When Music Wasn’t Enough

RCA Victor 45RCA Victor, with their Popular Collector’s Issue series, and their motto, “The Stars who make the Hits are on RCA Victor Records,” have manifested an abnormally eloquent designed 45 sleeve, as evident by these shoes on the feet of this Glenn Miller box of singles.

His Master’s Voice was certainly not in need of top-of-the-line design, as evident by their continued, timeless, design.

In a Relaxation Como

In a ComoRelax… you’ve earned it. But even if you haven’t, disguise your bourbon in a dainty tea cup, bathe yourself in the lavish frills of your favorite evening gown, close your rose-markered book and enjoy the provocative exclamations of the one, the only, Perry Como.

Better make it quick, as this is just a violent tease of Como-inspired relaxation. With only four tracks, your momentary break from the chaotic endeavors of everyday life will swiftly blow away, like the cool, lamenting breeze from the relaxation King, Mr. Perry Como.