Keep it Up

At one point in my record collecting life I found it necessary to procure Loverboy’s 1983 album, Keep It Up. Though it was a huge success and produced three, radio-friendly singles (Strike Zone, Hot Girls in Love, and Queen of the Broken Hearts), I can’t tell you that I’ve ever listened to it. Perhaps one, lonely, initial spin upon its $0.99 thrift store purchase, but I can’t say for absolute certainty. Time to give her a shot.

Oh, Loverboy

loverboyEverybody’s working for the weekend. This couldn’t be anywhere closer to the truth. This, and truth, are skin to skin here… touching… connecting, and letting onlookers know, that what is right, is indeed right. Everybody IS working for the weekend. That’s when we can get all our shit done. Haircuts? Oil changes? Taking the kids to get their throats cultured? Everybody works for the proverbial weekend, and for me, that weekend starts tomorrow. Happy holidays, kiddos! Christmas, for The Groove, begins tomorrow.