Happy V-Day 2014!

HeartsWhether your heart is filled with the love for another, joy from within, or the general badassery of studded steel, The Prudent Groove wishes each of you a safe, and preferably loud 14th of February.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at The Prudent Groove!

P.S. Remember last year when I had more motivation?! Yeah, neither do I.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from The Prudent Groove

We (I) here at The Prudent Groove would like to wish everyone a fantastical Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of good faith (and good musical taste), I offer these Prudent Groove Valentines for you to print out (not that I think you actually will). What you do with them, and who you give them to is prudently up to you. For those of you who find yourself on the 45rpm end of today’s festivities, PAIR UP! Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day will be prudently groovy!


Vice President of The Prudent Groove Foundation of America (current member total: 1).