The Pink Album

PinkSo, I’m still trying to figure out The 45 King. Mix Dan the Automator, J-Swift, Jam Master Jay, and DJ Muggs into a violent apparatus that spins (turntable, blender, woodchipper), yet, predate all of these by at least a year, and you’ve got yourselves one heavy weighted, out-mutha-fuggin-standing collection of offhanded, subtly pleasing breakbeats. I’m dumbfounded! I honestly never know, but now, I’m on the hunt for the King’s entire Lost Breakbeat discography.

(Personal note: I’m digitizing this album as I type this. PG = fan of 45 King)

The Yellow Album

Tuff_CityImagine my surprise upon discovering 45 King’s The Yellow Album, at a thrift store, sealed, and for only $3 bucks! $3 for a thrift store album is asinine, but this one was well worth the 300 pennies. Bronx DJ and remix producer (among other things well produced), Mark James, aka The 45 King, released six colored albums throughout 1990 in The Lost Breakbeats series; White, Grey, Green, Red, Orange, and this, Yellow. Having not heard of Mr. 45 King’s work prior to forking over my $3, I was both excited with this album’s overall quality, and dumbfounded that I’d never heard of this guy, or this album before. If you’re into quality hip-hop beats from back in the day (circa: late 80s, early 90s), then The Yellow Album is pure listening satisfaction.