Volume 2

ppv2Released in 1959 (a pattern… it’s beginning to develop!), Terry Snyder and the All Stars (with production and direction from label owner, Enoch Light) released volume 2 in a four volume series titled, Persuasive Percussion. Surprise, surprise, Space Age Pop a plenty on this series, and v2 was my first acquisition from the bunch. Had for a cool $0.92 (yes, that’s correct), Persuasive Percussion Volume 2 has gotten heavy play since the recent monetary transaction, and comes highly, no, intergalactic-ly recommended.

I Want to Be Happy Cha Cha’s

cha-chaIt’s Saturday, and time for Cha Cha. I’m sorry, didn’t you know? Nevertheless, the glorious weekend is here, which is celebration enough for dancing. I Want to Be Happy Cha Cha’s by Enoch Light and the Light Brigade (gee that sounds great) offer a spectacular blister-popping dance party with this, their magnificent 1959 album. Enjoy your weekend, kids!