A Child’s Garden of Grass – A Prelegalization Comedy

CoverListed under the “comedy” umbrella with a born-on date of 1971, A Child’s Garden of Grass was acquired for little over $1 at a rather respectable San Diego record shop some six or so months ago. Stacked among the likes of tattered Lawrence Welk LPs and unplayed Henry Mancini albums, this collection of 13 unfocused (if a focus on being unfocused can be considered unfocused) ramblings attempt to persuade the listener that indeed, they are ingesting something worthy of a laugh. I, however, didn’t find it all that humorous.

BackI’m certainly not one of those “can’t be bothered with what you think is funny if I don’t find that tone of humor comedic” types. Anything and everything is fair game in the revolving world of comedy as far as I’m concerned. It’s just that, this album apparently requires a bit of, um, pre-gaming for the jokes to make their perfect 10 landings. I know some people who would lose their gourds over this album… perhaps it’ll make a perfect gift, or at the very least, a decent surface for rolling Zig-Zags.