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Over the past few days we introduced the notion that stereo, and the intricacies that make up stereo, may not be widely known to those enjoying her esteemed capabilities. So, in this dramatic conclusion, The Prudent Groove offers, without sarcastic interruption, the cliffhanging outcome to, What is STEREOPHONIC SOUND?

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The two channels of sound picked up by the needle are then unscrambled by the stereo cartridge. The cartridge directs them into separate amplifier circuits, where they are magnified and fed in turn into two separate loudspeakers. The two speakers finally translate the musical impulses into intelligible sound which you hear in your living-room stereophonically.

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The net of it is an overlapping and blending which gives music a more natural, more dimensional sound. For the first time, your ears will be able to distinguish where each instrument and voice comes from-left, right or center. In short, enveloping in solid sound, you will hear music in truer perspective.

Stereophonic sound is the latest step in an improvement process that began about 80 years ago. In listening to it, you will enjoy the highest achievement yet in the art of recording.

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3 thoughts on “What is STEREOPHONIC SOUND? (Part 3)

  1. Sit down to write and the pen blazed fire

    Construct a rhyme with specific intent
    Flippin’ all the braincells right to the pen
    And then I put the root down when I pull the mic
    Words flowin’ so cold, turn water to ice

    Come through the wire saturate the tape
    You put me in the mix slice up on the plate
    And then they press it on wax, sell it in the store
    The DJ’s spin it, kick it out on the dancefloor
    Comin’ through the speaker to shake your eardrum
    Braincells get lit when you hear where we’re comin’ from

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