Music to Make Time By

CoverOk… there’s a lot going on with this 7”, and I don’t have a lot of time, so please, no talking and we’ll get through this quickly. Okay? Okay. First and foremost, this record is NOTHING more than an audio advert for Caravelle watches (a division of Bulova, which originated in 1875).  I know, shocking, right? I mean, the cover SCREAMS wisping romance, but wait… huh! What nice timepieces!

Second, the “band” is called, The Caravelles. Well, isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! Take the name of the company, and slightly tweak it to label your vehicle for perfectly timed music. See what I did there? Perfectly timed… nevermind.

Third, and this is a big one. The songs, all four of them, ARE ABOUT WATCHES! But wait! There’s more! Side one is about male watches and side two is about… wait for it… female watches.  Allow me to present the tracklist for those of you too lazy to look at the above picture:

1. I Didn’t Know the Date it Was

2. I Get All Wound Up

3. I Change My Charm From Day to Day

4. Charmed I’m Sure

Back“I Didn’t Know the Date it Was?” Really? That’s the best Caravelle could do?

The music is just as hilarious as you’d think by seeing the cover. I Didn’t Know the Date it Was is a quirky easy listener about a guy who got his days mixed up. Uh oh! Time for a new Caravelle watch! Side two’s Charmed I’m Sure is a little bubblegum popper that seems to aim for the tween demographic more than the 30-somethings who actually care about ugly, dangling heart clocks.

Music to Make Time By is a hidden gem I honestly didn’t even know I owned.  A copy recently sold on eBay for $9.99, but I assure you, it’s worth 10-times that. Watch out for one, won’t you? (That was terrible.)

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