Cookie Jarvis, the Magical Cereal Wizard

Cookie JarvisLong before the Cookie Crisp favorites, (80s mainstays) Cookie Crook and Officer Crumb, the now, internationally known Chip the Dog (from the 90s) and that hack they have running the show now, Chip the Wolf, there was Cookie Jarvis.

Cookie Jarvis was a magical wizard that, with his magical wizard wand, would magically, and very wizard-like (naturally) turn boring old cereal bowls into magical cookie jars. Oh, the wondrous magic of morning breakfast cereal.

Jarvis BackThis record, found in specially marked boxes of Coo-oooooooooooookie Crisp in 1979, features a bumbling master of the black art rambling on about some cereal fan club for kids. If any of you were ever in a cereal fan club as a kid, let me know and I’ll track you down and offer a swift smack in the head.

A quick search on youtube yields no results, so my apologies for not offering an A/V example. I can bump this to mp3 if anybody is interested. Just email me. My favorite part of this record is an afterthought on the back that reads: For different effects, play record at other speeds. Brilliance personified.

If you like cookies, you’ll love Cookie Crisp!

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