Music to Be Murdered By

Murdered By“It is mood music in a jugular vein.” – Alfred Hitchcock

Music to Be Murdered By is a wonderfully classic collection of dangerously looming, and anxiously unsettling orchestral music that forces you, the listener, to constantly check over your shoulder, in the back of the broom closet, and under your bed for the unknown assailant of your own demise.

Hitch himself offers a brief, and humorous intro to each track, much in the way he introduced his classic, Alfred Hitchcock Presents program. This is quite certainly, perfect music for late night, candlelit rendezvous where two people enter… and only on person leaves.

If you ever run across this album, don’t think twice about picking it up. It was a wonderful birthday gift to me, and well worth a spin by any fan of Hitch, records, or murder in general.

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