Includes the Hit Single…

WLLI’ve been feeling the giant led balloon lately. Zeppelin in the office, Zeppelin in the car, and now Zeppelin on The Groove.

You’ll have to excuse the pithiness of today’s post. I’m about two days shy of a thorough, grisly burnout. Writing is stupid, but do you know what isn’t? Led Zeppelin.

3 thoughts on “Includes the Hit Single…

  1. Thank God the single was a hit as what in the world would they have done with all those stickers. I too have been on a Led Zeppelin kick with “Houses Of The Holy”being on the turntable the last few weeks.

    • Hahaha! Good risk for the sticker community to back Page and the boys. Houses is my 2nd fav from the band, following III. After that things get fuzzy, but I’d argue to say that they never wrote a “bad” song.

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