John Fogerty at 8,300 Feet

BRRListening to The Blue Ridge Rangers while driving up Blue Ridge Road in the back hills of the Angeles National Forest was something that actually happened, and it actually happened just the other day, actually. Partially because I eat, drink and sleep all things Fogerty, and partially because quirky little drives up boulder-littered, non-Saturn Ion friendly dirt paths call for quaint little parings of both “road” and “band.” For you see, Blue Ridge Road was little more than a protruding stone & fog-like dirt clearing on the side of a mountain, and The Blue Ridge Rangers were NOTHING more than just John Fogerty, as everything heard on this, his solo debut, was performed solely by this creative zealot.

If and when you find yourself wearing a mask of panic while driving at 10 mph up a jagged rock trail on the side of a mountain named Blue Ridge Road for what seems like an eternity, stick with the down-home groove-cookin’ backwoods ramblings of The Blue Ridge Rangers. Your incessant fears of blowing a tire, or cracking your oil pan will blow away like the howling wind found only at 8,300 feet.Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 12.44.52 PM

2 thoughts on “John Fogerty at 8,300 Feet

  1. Amen! I have always paired music and mountains when I drive. Though I have considered myself fairly well versed with rock, country and country-rock from this era, I have never heard of this album but after listening to it, I am amazed that I haven’t heard it. It is right down my alley and makes me want to take another cruise up on Mount Shasta. Thanks!

    • Yes!! This album pairs nicely with Creedence Country, an 80s comp of CCR’s more rustic tunes. I didn’t realize pairing music with hike-driving was a thing! Now I’m even more excited for our next nature-adventure!

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