Realistic Anti-Static Record Protector AKA Ziploc Bags for Your Records

RASRPStatic can be a bitch… a real, conniving, backstabbing, drop you off on the side of the road with nothing more than a toothbrush and an empty matchbook, leaving you to fend for yourself against the screaming locals of Ventura County, bitch. You catch what I’m saying. We’ve all been there. So do yourself and your future, Detroit-raised children a favor and invest in plastic, resealable bags for all your records! Realistic Anti-Static Record Protectors aren’t just for the “good” records (AKA your Tammy Wynette discography). Every groovy slab is worthy of protection, and with modern day technology, that dream has become Realistic.

What do I keep in my Realistic Anti-Static Record Protector? German Sing-Along with Will Glahe, of course! Does that question even need to be asked? Beware of static, kids! Protection… because if our parents had used it, none of us would be here.Zipped and Locked

5 thoughts on “Realistic Anti-Static Record Protector AKA Ziploc Bags for Your Records

  1. So have I got this right? Er, you don’t like static.
    (I have a few hundred of the ‘zip-lock’ style plastic covers from the 70s. They’re a bit of a pain to use, I find. Or maybe my clumsy middle-aged fingers are just no longer up to the task.)

    • Oh, they’re TOTALLY a pain, and they look terrible. It’s been so damn dry and windy here lately. I’ve dubbed January in LA “Static Season.”

      • Not even sure if they make them anymore but this one was made by Disc Washer. As far as the grand opening date, I still waiting for a schedule from the contractor who is doing the remodel of the store as to when they think that they will be done. This Store was a mess and needs lots of work so I am hoping for this summer.

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