Which Digital Juke Do You Prefer?

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 11.16.48 AMIn 2014, it’s incessantly difficult not to dabble one’s feet in the digital music pool. Analog may forever be King, but digital is Queen Convenient. With x tracks spanning y days, the finicky, stubborn, snail-like jalopy that is iTunes may finally see its last days here at the PG offices. So, the question I pose to you is, what digital platform do you all prefer? I’m looking for something that can handle a large (and ever growing) library and so far, I’ve been exceptionally disappointed with my various trials. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this rather mundane issue.

6 thoughts on “Which Digital Juke Do You Prefer?

  1. Also looking for an alternative to Itunes. I tried Mediamonkey yesterday, but I wasn’t convinced at all… Plus, I had problems putting music on the Ipod then. I was happy with an older version if Itunes though (7 or 8), shouldn’t have updated it back then…

    • Yeah, I tried Mediamonkey a bit ago, and I found it to be much worse (performance wise) than iTunes. If I find anything worth noting, I’ll hit you up.

  2. There is a reason why iTunes holds a commanding 63% of the North American marketplace. I have played with quite a few different apps and have determined that they all suck in “one way or another” as Blondie would sing.

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