Which Digital Juke Do You Prefer?

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 11.16.48 AMIn 2014, it’s incessantly difficult not to dabble one’s feet in the digital music pool. Analog may forever be King, but digital is Queen Convenient. With x tracks spanning y days, the finicky, stubborn, snail-like jalopy that is iTunes may finally see its last days here at the PG offices. So, the question I pose to you is, what digital platform do you all prefer? I’m looking for something that can handle a large (and ever growing) library and so far, I’ve been exceptionally disappointed with my various trials. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this rather mundane issue.

Drinks N’ Roses

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.53.35 PM

Do you know what I hate? Whiskey. Yeah. I hate whiskey. It’s not the lovingly-bitter pinch it leaves on your exasperated tongue, it’s not the superhuman strength it willingly, and fervently gives you, it’s not the subtle suggestions it, well, suggests, that leave you STRONGLY considering running for a seat on the United States House of Representatives… instead, it’s the overwhelming velocity in its seemingly subtle proposals that provoke me to nudge the dials on my home stereo from, oh, I don’t know, say a neighborhood pleasing, tolerable volume, to a RAGING, cacophony of disruptive and uncongenial banter of my emotional choosing (namely, Guns N’ Roses, Refused, Guns N’ Roses, and ok, well mainly Guns N’ Roses).

There are specified channels of unquestionable vitality that never consider stepping down from atop their immortal foundation, and 1987 G N’ R is absurdly no exception.

Editor’s note: I extend my intense apology for the choice of photos for the following X posts. You see, I’ll be out of the office for the next X days and, well, I’ve forgotten to take pictures of the proper albums prior to my last minute post writing (you know, with the proper daylight and all). Something tells me, however, not a soul will notice, or venture to care, and therefore this Editor’s note will have served as a monumental waste of both your, and my time. Carry on.