TKATVGPSSimple, and to the point is today’s moderate theme. So, in case you were unaware, The Kinks would like God to save the following (have a nice day):

– Donald Duck

– Vaudeville

– Variety

– Strawberry jam, and all the different varieties

– Mrs. Mopp

– Good Old Mother Riley

– George Cross, and all those who were awarded them

– Little shops

– China cups

– Virginity

– Tudor houses

– Antique tables

– Billiards

– The Village Green

GSTKOh, and before I forget, The Kinks would also like it to be internationally understood that they will forever be known as the following aliases (again, hope you are having a nice day):

– The Village Green Preservation Society

– The Desperate Dan Appreciation Society

– The Draught Beer Preservation Society

– The Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium

– The Sherlock Holmes English Speaking Vernacular

– The Office Block Persecution Affinity

– The Skyscraper Condemnation Affiliate

What you do with this information is squarely up to you, just so long as you have a nice day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “TKATVGPS

    • One day, Mr. VC… one day this will be my collection. In the meantime, I’ll resort to the inner sleeve of my UK, “Village Green” splattered vinyl release. To acquire this collection as of now, I’d have to sell my car, my SO, and my Stanley Kubrick autographed copy of A Clockwork Orange script… I’m not yet ready to make that commitment.

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