Your Past is Knocking… DO! NOT! ANSWER THAT DOOR!

Jazz ImpDear Pretentious, emasculated self,

Your inevitable past is popping in for a formal, dish-stealing visit… prep yourself… the steps laid before you are crying for recognition… and those be damned who ignore their past… damned is the fluff that fills my pillows… the elastic that keeps up my socks… we’re cool, damned and I… I mean, what’s the alternative? Damned be damned? Well, that’s just silly.

Written last night amongst a jaunt of medical mist, the above, rather jagged sentence was fingered, somewhat without my knowledge, and quite promptly serves as a morning reminder that I should, apparently, be on the lookout for some inevitable nightmare from my yesteryear. A slight-of-hand message from my id.

Jazz Imp BookAll this means nothing as of now since I’m listening to a record I’ve owned, but have never listened to. Uncharted waters crash against my seafaring boat of sickness as I enjoy, rather amateurishly, the blanketed sound of A New Approach to Jazz Improvisation Book & Record Set For All Instruments by Jamey Aebersold Volume 1 – Fourth Edition.

My guard is up, you devilish weapon of past question marks! If and when you knock… I’ll be ready. Until then, I’ll calmly wait… methodically planning your demise.

2 thoughts on “Your Past is Knocking… DO! NOT! ANSWER THAT DOOR!

    • What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, am I right? The pharmaceutical industry is a scary and corrupt racket, but certainly makes for interesting, if only unintelligible avenues for well being.

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