8-Track Library

8TrackWhen 7-tracks aren’t near good enough, it’s time for the heavy artillery. Here is, save for a few, the “less than complete” 8-track collection. The player ate Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., so we’ve been reeling Janis Joplin, CCR, and the brothers Doobie as of late. Analogue entertainment is still prominent around these here parts, and with any collection, the end is never near.

2 thoughts on “8-Track Library

  1. I wonder how it happened…
    “Here’s this neat Janis Joplin 8-Track. Must buy it as an example of an outmoded format.”
    “Hey, just found seven cartridges in a Goodwill shop!”
    “What a NEAT case for holding 8-Tracks. I’ll just collect enough to fill it”
    “Here’s a great suitcase to hold my 8-Track carry cases…”
    No. It never ends.

    • It doesn’t!! I’ve owned two 8-track players in my life, my boombox (before it was called that) began eating tapes on a daily basis and had to retire, but the all wood (covered) stereo jalopy still sits proudly withing our modern day living room. (I’m currently hunting down an 8-track copy of London Calling… I know they exist.)

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