The Clash, Now in Scented Form AKA London’s Burning

LondonBurningLondon Calling, the rank, gutter-licking, crowd-taunting, effervescent onslaught of punk rock hierarchy is finally available in candle form… oh, the progress our race has made.

This perfect, mood setting ambience will choke out any foul stench you may find the need to cover up. Accidentally burn a fish fillet and now the first floor smells like pier 39? Pick up the phone… it’s London Calling. Sever your finger while cutting the Thanksgiving turkey and wake up sticking to a pool of your own blood surrounded by the painfully sharp aroma of iron? Answer the door… it’s London Calling.

Whatever your need for a more appealing odor may be, nothing beats the classic, lingering wafts of British thugs, The Clash, and their burning torch, London Calling.

2 thoughts on “The Clash, Now in Scented Form AKA London’s Burning

  1. Candles? Weird.
    Like the merging of ‘London’s Burning’ from the edgy debut with this much-closer-to-the-mainstream-but-bigger-selling double.
    Like the shelves too. What are those big boxes with the different coloured spines?

    • Those are Time Life Swing Era box sets. Decent collections, even if they are bulky. My SO got this candle and I about fell to the floor in a hefty Clash. Their debut is 2nd only to this album, in my opinion, closely followed by Sandinista!

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