500 Days Ago…

Prudent_Garfunkel500 days ago…

I said to myself, “why the hell not?”

I was creatively drained, and needed a 1.21 gigawatt jolt.

I looked into the future, blindly, and saw rose-colored albums spinning on vintage turntables.

I set out to rediscover my collection, one day at a time, and I returned with a wealth of personal treasures. Thank you to all who’ve stopped by. I am forever in your debt.

10 thoughts on “500 Days Ago…

    • Indeed it does! My apologies for lagging behind on reading / commenting on the VC posts! I will, when the bill-payer slows down, finally catch up.

    • Dude! I’ve been meaning to bend your ear! Work has been a bastard and is consuming all my time. SOOOOO behind on reading… That’s a bummer about PR. Looks like they moved. Boo indeed! Hope you, M. and the pups are well!

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