The Monsters Are Due on Prudent Street

Record Monster DiscBack in 2011, two gents (Andrew & Matthew) ventured into the vinyl-unknown, and desecrated (but in a good, magnificent-type way) the listening medium. In their own words:

We laser cut vinyl records to become pieces of monster art. We ship cut records that you can break apart and build. (2011)

Using Kickstarter as their platform, Record Monsters conjured up 303 backers (myself and 302 others), and proceeded to kickout a series of various insects, dinosaurs, and creepy-crawlers, all laser cut out of upcycled vinyl. Ingenius… until some unknown, safety-conscious cloud rushed in. Again, from the lion’s mouth:

Record Monsters InsertNo on vinyl, yes that is final. Don’t cut vinyl with a laser cutter kids. We had a way to do this in a safe way, but we will never match the two again. Don’t do it, for real. (2012)

The project yielded around 300 vinyl monsters, and they seem to be going for outrageous (yet understandable) amounts.

Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 16, 2011.

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