These Wings Are Broken, Mister

MisterSo… I’m going to expose myself in admitting that I have no recollection of obtaining this album. Mr. Mister’s Welcome to the Real World, an RCA Records 1985 release, contains both No. 1 singles Broken Wings and Kyrie. Wikipedia tells us that bassist and lead singer Richard Page turned down replacement roles in both Toto and Chicago to stay with Mr. Mister, so, you know, that’s something. This, the band’s second album, proved to be their most successful, and is a perfect glimpse of mid-80’s power-pop. (Electro-madness!) Happy Sunday, kids!

3 thoughts on “These Wings Are Broken, Mister

  1. I completely remember buying this album, quite proudly too since I loved Broken WIngs. I liked most of that record at the time, I even bought the follow up since I was expecting them to be great. Well that was my first lesson on the realities of a pop band. I think Richard Page plays in Ringo’s All-Stars, maybe they’ll end up on a Kimmel Mash-Up or some other nostalgic venue.

    • I’ve not heard their follow-up. I think I dig side 1 a little more than its counterpart. Where did you buy this album? I remember Sam Goody selling records at the mall in and around this time. Happy to hear Mr. Page is still keepin’ on!

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