Reflections of the Hypothetical

DitchIf circumstances prohibited you to purchase only one more record before you died, what would it be?


– Purchase needs to be new; no duplicate purchases (a 3rd copy of Richard Pryor’s Greatest Hits does not qualify… as awful as that sounds)

– Purchaser understands that no other record will be obtained after said purchase, and that this particular record will “complete” purchaser’s collection (or some type shit)

– Purchaser understands the depressing limitations that once and for all, the hunt is finally over (bummin’ me out, man)

Talk amongst yourselves…

(Photo is a desktop reflection of June 8th’s posting, for those of you keeping score…)

One thought on “Reflections of the Hypothetical

  1. Hurm. If pressed (see what I did there), I would have to say Pearl Jam’s 6th studio album “Binaural.” It’s incredibly rare, insanely over-priced (if found), highly underrated, and my personal fav.

    …I’m sure you disapprove. #sniff

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