Old Time Piano

FrankThis is a fun one. So, long, sappy, convoluted story short, work has been a bear lately, so this past Saturday I decided to have some selfish fun. After liquoring up my SO on heavy margaritas and Mexican food, I nonchalantly informed her that we were heading to the local brick and mortar and that she had one, very important task at hand… one she certainly did not ask for, and one she admirably knocked out of the vinyl-spinning park. She was to pick out one record, period. See, she doesn’t collect vinyl… she cooks… and is amazing at it. I, collect… and eat her delicious goods. So, amongst a sea of Radiohead, Johnny Cash, and Beatles-related material, she picked Frank Froeba’s Old Time Piano 10″. I love this woman, and impromptu pairings of Mexican and record hunting is, I’m sorry kiddo, now a thing.

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