Me and My Bean Bag

BagOBeansMe and My Bean Bag, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Me and My Garbanzo Bean, shatters the primitive expectations (read: demands) from loyal fans of the Me and My Series. Marginally abandoning the space-country vibe of the series debut, the eponymous Me and My Asteroid Mistress, Me and My Bean Bag focuses more on the eclectic sounds of a Kitchen Aid mixer crossed with the unsettling sounds of lively power lines (aka: the rhythm section), which make up the bulk of this grounded album.

Questionable rumors are already spreading about the upcoming release in the series, a concept album loosely based on cement mixing called, Me and My Last Shoes.

If you enjoy Me and My Bean Bag, you’ll be thrilled by other outstanding releases from this groundbreaking series:

Me and My Asteroid Mistress (MaM001)

Me and My Expanding Waistline (MaM002)

Me and My Misinterpretation of the Word, Churlish (MaM003)

Me and My Garbanzo Bean (MaM004)

Me and My Bean Bag (MaM005)

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