BootsThe latest thrift store excavation yielding nothing, let’s say, groundbreaking, but the PG was willing and eager to bring home this pristine 1964 Boots Randolph LP, The Yakin’ Sax Man, the, you know, quote, unquote jazz / easy listening LP. Have yet to listen to it (that sometimes happens), but the cover is aces!

2 thoughts on “Boots

  1. Indeed, the cover is great. I had one of the better crate digging experiences yesterday. The shop was a total mess, there was so much stuff, it was packed away in bags on the floor! Unfortunately, much of the Jazz stuff was “not accessible”, i.e. buried below other stuff. But I found a nice Thad Jones record.

    • Great find! As you well know, hunting through places like that can be a huge time-suck, but finding that gem every now and again makes all the hard work not only worth it, but memorable.

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