… A Box Full of Stuff, oh Yeah!

BoxI’ve got this box, see. It was given to me when I was younger, let’s say 12 years old, by a 2nd or 3rd cousin. Me and this family member shared the same last name, ya see, and as if out of the wild blue yonder, I was asked if I’d like a hinged, wooden, square box roughly 2′ x 2′ x 2′. I said sure, thinking nothing of it, thanked my cousin, and shoved the box into a corner for about four years.

Oh, how I’d love to slap my younger self in the face for not seeing the wooden potential that would (wood?) last for over 24 years. Since then, this box has held many a treasured object, safely tucking away knick-knacks and what-have-yous, all the while, and very slowly I may add, acquiring various, random, mainly music-related, stickers. This box, full of stuff, is bombarded with discount record price tags, Rocket from the Crypt freebie stickers, logos of friend’s bands that no longer exist, the occasional Star Wars Episode 1 Pizza Hut sticker (it was a troubling time), my “fight racism / fight sexism” sticker from the Plea for Peace tour back in 200? , a Canadian flag sticker from a snowboarding exhibition some 20 years back, random-ass Yankee Candle stickers from long burnt-out, but very lovely tarts (see, my girl is very serious about her candles), and of course, this sticker of Jump Up! Records’ first album, 1994’s American Ska-thic.

This box and I have been through a lot together. I’ve had this little schwag-attracting canvas longer than I’ve had a license, had the right to vote (oh yeah, I’ve got all my “I voted” stickers on there too!), and she’s been by my side, as if demanding newly acquired stick-ables, for my entire adult life. In a time of taking nothing for granted, I’d love for the opportunity to thank my cousin again for this overly generous gift. Anyway, so I’ve got this box, see…

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