Misty Music for Lovers Only

MistyTruth & Honesty 101 here, kids. I know nothing of Mr. Jackie Gleason outside his reference in Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 time traveling classic, Back to the Future. Shame on me, for sure, don’t’cha know? So how better to dive into this pool-playing hustler’s repertoire than a single LP comprised of two of his first three albums? I can think of no better way to begin the Gleason journey, than at the very beginning. On a side note… what, exactly, are we referring to when we use the term “misty” here? Inquiring minds want to know…

2 thoughts on “Misty Music for Lovers Only

  1. This is from 1954, not 1956, and it’s a reissue of Gleason’s first album (1952) and his third (1953), not his first two. His second album was “Lover’s Rhapsody”, also from 1953.

    That this is much earlier than 1956 is indicated by the catalogue number, Capitol W-475. In 1956, Capitol’s numerical series for albums was already running between 650 and 800.

    • Thanks again! How does one come by such intricate details of this era’s releases? I’m fascinated by this period in time, recently. Thanks for the comments!

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