Unforgiven Rants… One Should Get What They Pay For

ThroughTheYearsFinishing up my Tim Hardin discography has been a frustrating and bitter experience. Having paid handsomely for his last album, Unforgiven, only to have it mysteriously disappear without a trace or explanation from USPS has left me to question online orders altogether. I could care less about my $40… but I’ll be damned if I’ll pay another $40 ($80 in total) for another copy… on principle alone, dammit!! Sure, I may be slow to let the anger subside, (truthfully, aren’t we all?) but with time, and a Discogs.com Wantlist, I’ve logically returned to my senses. This, a recent online order, was a domestic shipment of a Russian pressed record. It came perfectly packaged, and was adequately and promptly delivered (meaning I got something I paid for). USPS is still on my shit list, as, I imagine, it is for the bulk of you, but with hostile acceptance for wrongful treatment aside, and however described, this household is able to enjoy the subtle genius of yet another Tim Hardin pressing.

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