bigwednesdayLos Angeles isn’t known for its groundbreaking radio stations, unfortunately, but there is one that, to put it lightly, and without blemish, stands above the less than appealing hoards, 88.9’s KXLU out of Loyola Marymount University. If yesterday’s Big Wednesday by Buffalo Daughter is any indication of this station’s wide scope, and it is, one can not properly prepare (nor should they), but instead, should allow for the unimaginable to spray forth from 88.9 (FM stands for frequency modulation, btw… sorry if you knew). My digital dial to and from work is daily fixed on this magnificent frequency, and I applaud the station’s self-proclaiming, non-commercial approach. It’s refreshing, and informative (don’t Shazam and drive, kids). If you find yourself in LA, tune in. Latin fiesta, aka Alma del Barrio, every Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 6, and the International Voice of Reason (Ivor) Fridays. You’re welcome.

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