eezerDrifting away, drink by drink, whilst classic, early 2000 personal chart-toppers blare… disturbing my neighbors with little to no remorse. For those keeping score, we’re well acquainted with the slide-like effects of our homemade Manhattans, and with a riddled knock at the front door, things just went from great, to amazing. Behold! The Original Master Recording release of Weezer’s debut album. Apparently there’s a black vinyl version (sorry buddy), but we’re not gonna touch on that here. LOOK HOW DAMN BEAUTIFUL THIS RECORD IS! Anyway, there was a bit of record goo (read: vinyl debris) fixed to track one upon the initial submerging, but that’s been tested and we’re all good to go. I decided to hold off on the initial christening until tomorrow (now today… see how that works), so that I could mentally appreciate this album’s greatness. Rambling is now over… thank you for your patience.

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