Free Records are the Best Records

So, here is another perfect example of the growing benefits that acquiring albums online can yield. I pulled the trigger on purchasing Candido’s 1957 Afro-Cuban Jazz number, Candido the Volcanic, and when it arrived, it was sandwiched, not on poppy seed buns, though, my surprise would have been about the same, but instead, between The Blues A La Dixie (Pee Wee Hunt, 1959), and Giant Steps (Woody Herman, 1973). Ladies and gentlemen, this are free records! Free! While I sip my Kona coffee and delight in my crackling dixieland blues, that I paid nothing for, and hurriedly scrape together a post that I should have submitted yesterday (note the date), I crack a smile and think of ways I can pay it forward. If anyone wants a digital copy of these or any other album you see here, email me. How’s that?

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