So… going to the record store with the wife is ALWAYS an entertaining, yet mysterious experience. Case in point, the recent acquisition of Pebbles’ 1987 debut, Pebbles. To be fair, she did ask if I felt this record could join the collection (which, of course, she didn’t need to do), and before I knew what it was, I of course said yes. A partner that indulges the absolute, nonsensical practice of collecting records is always, and in every case, a keeper. What I didn’t know was, that I knew Pebbles, just not as Pebbles. Girlfriend, and Mercedes Boy were, without question, staples of my 8-year-old year, being the pop-radio nut that I was, but no longer am. So let’s just say, in conclusion, a hearty “thank you” to my wife, and her nostalgia for the 80’s, which perfectly matches mine. Some things just sort of work out, you know?

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