Pulse (The Goodies)

It was a Front 242 type of morning, as you can clearly see. I’d all but forgotten about all the groovy goodies inside the 2016 release from Alfa Matrix titled, <Filtered> Pulse. The gold record is limited to 242 pressings, and included is a nifty poster, a postcard type thing, and the 9-track CD of the record. For a solid (gold) EBM fix, look no further than <Filtered> Pulse (also available on clear & solid purple, solid yellow & black, and solid purple colored vinyl. All colors limited to only 242 pressings.)

Sadness in a Box

Box2My fresh, new, filtered copy of Front 242’s 2003 electro masterpiece, Pulse (also the band’s last studio offering), 1) is limited to only 242 copies on gold vinyl and 2) arrived bloody damaged! I’m currently in communication with Alfa Matrix, the label, with the hopes that they’ll send out another, undamaged sleeve. I had high hopes to display this one, with it being the first time it received a vinyl release. Fingers and toes crossed Alfa Matrix makes nice!