Epic Stereo Cassette

Epic StereoDouble analog owner of this “Epic Stereo Cassette” MAY have cycled one official listen way back in the day, but she’s new meat now that Mr. Suave Walkman is in town. One acquires an eye for the essentials, regardless of the medium, while on the frigid hunt. 2 Record Set on One Cassette ain’t too shappy… Epic Stereo Cassette

The Violent Red of Steve Allen

AllenSteve Allen, via means of Coral Records wants you to understand the complex necessity of Romantic Rendezvous… in fact, Mr. Allen is (was) so adamant, he enlisted the help of his Piano with Neil Hefti and his Orchestra. Romance, however it is defined, starts here, with a blue radio, and a red comforter. Apparently opened toed shoes are also a plus, but with Steve Allen, accessories are questionable.