Poster Included

posterincludedTo prove to everyone that I’m not a liar (but, mainly just proving to myself), here is the full Best of Dolly Parton album cover w/ “POSTER INCLUDED” hype as mentioned on the 11/11/16 post from the Prudent Groove (enter shameless self-promoting plug here). 80’s love songs may or may not be spilling from our living room Echo at the moment, but our post-dinner spin will include a cut (or two) from Best of… the poster may or may not make an prominent appearance. Have a groovy evening, kids.

Hello Dolly

hellodollyHere is a pristine poster from RCA’s 1975 compilation, Best of Dolly Parton. Featuring the same artwork / photo from the album’s cover, this poster has laid dormant for 40+ years and was just discovered the other day by yours truly. She’ll likely lay dormant for another 40+ years, or whenever the kids get their grubby little mitts on it.