That’s Pretty Potent, Pal

Another percussion piece to ponder… Don Catelli and the All Stars’ sophomore effort, Potent Percussion received the same dynamic stereo treatment as Monday’s Passionate Percussion, complete with badass minimalist cover art. You should check on this Directional Sound series, but don’t take my word for it. Have a brief read from the inner gatefold. Circa: 1961-ish.

The strikingly colored program of durable standards has been inventively arranged to provide new perspectives on these songs with particularly brisk and yet supple use of the full resources of a modern percussion section. As in all of DIRECTIONAL SOUND’s full-ranged high fidelity series, all the intersecting lines and cross-rhythms are recorded to perfect balance with thrilling clarity and depth.

Passionate Percussion

Passionate Percussion was Directional Sound’s answer to the largely popular Command Records series Persuasive Percussion and Provocative Percussion. Don Catelli and the All Stars belt out easy listening Bossanova-style jazz with a Latin twist and a bombastic, almost passionate backing percussion. The covers from Directional Sound rival those from Command Records and feature minimalist, mid-century designs on high quality gatefold sleeves. There appears to only be 22 released from Directional Sound between 1960 – 1963, so start your checklist today with Passionate Percussion. You won’t be disappointed.