Pickin’ N’ Puttin’

Chip-ShotChip Williams is known the world over for many dominant characteristics, but none beat his vivid-sport-coat-wearing, six-string-pickin’, chip-shot-masterin’ exploits quite like this 9-track opus, Pickin’ N’ Puttin’.

Forget for a moment that Al Gore engineered this magnificent heirloom (and he actually did… just probably not the Al Gore you’re thinking of), and forget for yet, another moment, if you can, that people actually used to dress like this… bright red-orange (Crayon) slacks, with a swooping comb over, a fiendish grin, and an 11 o’clock tee time. Throw in the trusty, rural-music-maker, and, well, sir, you’ve got yourself the makings for a pickin’ good time.