F is for Foreigner

Oh, Foreigner. 1984’s Agent Provocateur housed this New York band’s biggest hit, both in the UK and the US, with I Want to Know What Love is. The hype sticker speaks for itself. Oh, Agent Provocateur, that’s the one with I Want to Know What Love is, yeah? Yes, sir or ma’am. You are correct. If you’re unsure, or just need confirmation, you can acquire the definition of love, via means of Foreigner (oh, Foreigner) for as little as a dime from Discogs. No lie! Check out this link. This shit is cheap!

Includes Love

LoveWe’re all Foreigners to someone, we all wanna know what love is, and we want you to show us. We desire to feel what love is, and we know you can show us. 1984’s Agent Provocateur knew love, and it wasn’t afraid to showcase this obsession by means of a silver and bold-red sticker on its gleaming, cellophane face (celloface? probably not). Yes I own a Foreigner album (two in fact), and yes, I’m okay with this.