GalvanizeOn the platter today is the electro-hypnotizing single, Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers. This (devilishly) catchy little number features A Tribe Called Quest’s own Q-Tip, and was the first single from the 2005 album, Push the Button. This particular 12” is a not-so-rare US promo, and features an alternate cover, as well as the previously unreleased track, Rize Up.

This is now the third Chem Bros post focusing on the cover/insert art as apposed to the actual music. Grab a seat because I’ve got 22 more to go. Basically, when I’m in a hurry and need to hammer out a post (see what I did there… because of the hammer on the cover… never mind), I’ll turn to the Chem Bros for their attention demanding album designs. Yes, I tend to get a bit lazy from time to time.