With Rewards Few and Far Between

You’d think I’d have this blog thing licked by now… 1) take a picture of a recently purchased album, a recent obsession, or on lazy days, a less-than-exciting insert, 2) find 20 minutes throughout the day to weasel out some overtly obvious tidbits, then hit Publish, and 3) feel a sense of gilded accomplishment. Seems easy enough, except when weekend work plans interfere with album photo taking plans and you miss the natural daylight and you’re forced to play the “better-figure-out-a-post-idea-with-no-adaquate-photo-before-midnight” game where the stress levels are high, and the rewards few and far between.

Guest Star RecordsSo, in that vein, here is a logo for Guest Star Records that has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Enjoy your weekend, kids.