Jimmy Ray

Jimmy Ray Dean held a prolific career as a television personality (The Jimmy Dean Show), a country music star (Big Bad John), and of course, creator and spokesman for the classic Jimmy Dean sausage brand. This album, 1964’s The Songs We All Love Best, was Jimmy’s 11th studio album, and was released on Columbia Records. A little Jimmy goes a long way, but how many other country musicians have their own food line to accompany their music? Not many, I’ll tell you that.

Mr. Country Music

mrcountryFrom Mr. Breakfast Sausage to Mr. Country Music, or vice versa. Jimmy Dean is, obviously, a modern day country music staple, and unlike most other modern day country music staples, he has a convenient, and surprisingly hearty breakfast line to go along with his prestigious country ballads. So no matter what time of day your stomach unfolds, grab a platter of ol’ Jimmy Dean.